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Everything you need to know about Twitter


What is Twitter?

In plain geek, Twitter is a web-based microblogging platform.

Translated in English, Twitter is a way to communicate your life, what you’re thinking, what you’re doing and things you find interesting to your friends and the world.

However, the problem with both of these definitions is that they’re way too mundane and don’t really communicate Twitter’s functionality. It basically comes down to how you use it.

What can Twitter do for me?

Do you blog? There’s a good chance that you don’t. On the other hand, if you use the Internet, there’s a fairly decent chance that ever so often, you read a blog post. Similarly, owning a Twitter account doesn’t necessarily entail posting “tweets” or status updates; you can follow several twitter users to make Twitter a¬†beneficial¬†experience for you.

Who do I follow on Twitter?

Having a Twitter account with no one to follow is like having a brand new Television without a cable connection. All you can watch or listen to is static. Your first choice of people to follow should be among your peers. Twitter enables you to import your contacts from various platforms including Gmail and Yahoo.

There are various other types of users you can follow on Twitter to make the experience more worthy. Some of these can include:

  • Celebrities: Who doesn’t want to know what their favorite Internet, Music or Movie celebrities are up to? Ashton Kutcher (@alpulsk) is a popular pick.
  • Politicians: Obama (@BARACKOBAMA) and the Governator ¬†(@Schwarzenegger) are on Twitter as well. I personally find the Whitehouse (@whitehouse) useful
  • Blogs: Whenever there’s a new story on TechCrunch, I get to know about it through @techcrunch.
  • Sports: Like hockey? I follow the San Jose Sharks on Twitter as well. They have a separate account for in game scores. If I’m in class or out doing errands, I get updated on the go about game scores through @SJSharksInGAme